Swan Solar
22 Aug 2013,
One of the best decisions we've ever made.

26 May 2013,
After we figured what's not ON , and took awhile to prevent the squirrels from rising havoc on our solar system. We ARE very please with Swan Solar system. In fact, the monthly bill is $4.84 - that's it!

19 May 2013,
Dear Tristin and Swan Solar, We are very pleased with our solar system. The last 3 months, our electric bill has been about $5/months for access to the grid. Tristin was polite, personable and responsive to our needs.We give him our highest recommendation. Thank you!

09 May 2013,
Very quick and professional installation. I wish the day was longer so i could capture more daylight and make more free electricity.

04 May 2013,
The instalation of the system went as expected, no gliches or problems, The only problem I hsd and still an issue is the lack of printed manuals or instructions of how to program the nrw pomp. I need to change the timing. Of high and low gear according to the wrather and need to call to get someone to come and fo it and still no instruction booklet.

26 Apr 2013,
Tristan was very patient with my time to make any decisions and with zero pressure. Once all the city paperwork was approved the instal went fast and the crew cleaned up after themselves. After hook up my system was producing and Edison payed me a month later. I did full quotes with two other companies and chose Swan because they didn't make me feel like just a commission check.

24 Apr 2013,
Great customer service. Best investment we have made in improving our home's value while cutting our electric bill by 80-90%

23 Apr 2013,
The sale and installation went smoothly. the SCE program is confusing, I received a bill for 600 dollars at the end of the year, and don't understand and didn't expect it based on information from the Swan sales person. It will take longer to recoup the investment with SCE charging me at the end of the year.

23 Apr 2013,
We are very pleased with our system and love watching our meter go backwards!

22 Apr 2013,
All details were taken care of for the installation. We thought we would be able to add more panels, turns out we cannot unless we change the invertor...thats pretty expensive. other than that I'm loving not paying Edison!

22 Apr 2013,
Had a great experience and will use them in the future as we expand our solar system.

22 Apr 2013,
Going Solar was the best thing I ever did. I love the fact that A/C, my pool and TV cost almost nothing. If the rates go up - I just get happier. Swan showed me the options, we agreed and they did a superior job of installation. I wish everybody could find the way to Swan Solar.

22 Apr 2013,
The job went well and the sale call and post install customer service was excellent. What I'd change were I in charge. I would give the customer a timeline estimate and update that weekly as necessary. I also make sure anything my customer asks about gets addressed--even the trivial, if not by the person being asked, then by supervision. These are minor issues. The big picture was excellent.

20 Apr 2013,
Swan did a great job from start to finish. The only thing I would like is a follow up after maybe a year of installation to make sure everything working right. How am I to know if all panels are working?

19 Apr 2013,
I probably could have used one more panel Sales associate not as helpful as could have been

18 Apr 2013,
We are happy with the system but are not getting as much benefit from it as we thought we would.

18 Apr 2013,
Great job! Loved 'em. Everybody should have a Swan Solar system

17 Apr 2013,
Great company, they stand behind their product. Recommend them highly!

16 Apr 2013,
We researched four different companies and the other three all came out with a prepared presentation having the emphasis on their leasing plan and actually steering us away from the purchase concept. Swan Solar's agent (Tristan) came out and asked us our goal was. He then came back a few days later with a plan specifically designed with purchasing the system in mind. While Swan Solar was not the least or the most expensive I believe they were far and away the best value. Tristan's professionalism, the courteous of the installation team and just overall knowledge of everyone we dealt with made this a great experience. By the way, our electric bill went from an average of $180 per month to actually a slight refund of 74 cents for the first seven months, and that was with the short days of winter. We can hardly wait for summer!!!

15 Apr 2013,
System has performed as promised, and service has been outstanding. Would be expanding our system if we had the room!

14 Apr 2013,
Great Job! Love my Solar.

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